"Hell Is Other People"

by Bust It!

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released March 8, 2011



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Bust It! Middletown, Connecticut

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Track Name: Intro/Empty Drawer
Empty Drawer

I believe in no man.
Don't believe in god.
Man is a devil, God is a fraud
It breaks down.

You're spitting teeth,
Praying for relief
From the daily grind
Of the nine to five.
It's the billy club
To the back of your skull.
It's the crushing numb
Of another slum.

Mother Mary! I pray to god,
Please make these bad things go away.
Mother Mary! You're a Fraud.
You leave me to rot from day to day.
(And I can't close my eyes!)
Track Name: Quintessential Romance Movie
Don’t lie to me!
You're not my heartbeat! X2

Your outlook's pathetic
I don't fucking get it
Is this all that you want out of life?
Ego-bound to your mate
Convinced yourself that its fate
Somehow predestined to be man and wife!

But I refuse to seek validation through who I fuck.
I don't feel being on my own means that I’m down on luck! X2

Alone and pathetic
I don't fucking get it
I'm much more than my half empty bed
You're so single minded
That you'll never find it
'Cause the game is all up in your head!